Mary Clare is an internationally published writer. She writes fiction, creative non-fiction and children’s stories. As a lover of language and an explorer of genre, Mary Clare is continually seeking out new and exciting projects.  

Her blog, Hands Full, is both humorous and relatable, drawing on her own experiences as a mother of three.

Professional Qualifications: Graduate Certificate in Creative Writing, The University of Melbourne (2017). Master of Teaching, The University of Melbourne (2010).

Time and space

For a mother, the term ‘Me Time,’ doesn’t quite cut it. It implies time away from children spent luxuriously, a bubble bath by candlelight, a quiet spot to read a book for hours on end; an indulgence. What I’m talking about here is ‘Space.’ Not a luxury, but a basic need. Time out to take… Continue reading →


So here we go again. Melbourne in Lockdown. Melbourne Metro and the Mitchell Shire, collectively breathing a sigh at having been here before, like being in labour and discovering you’re only a few centimetres dilated; still so much pain yet to be endured.  But instead of dwelling on life’s experiences better served in person than… Continue reading →

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